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The Miracle Repair System saves you time and money...


Whether its a door bump in a car park, tree branches, an accident or vandalism we will carry out repairs at a reasonable cost. Using the latest technology, we can match the paint colour to blend seamlessly with your vehicles existing paintwork without the whole vehicle having to be resprayed.

We undertake work for all major insurance companies and can provide a free courtesy car for your convenience. 

We also work with Accident Management Companies on your behalf, saving time, hassle and money. For non-fault accidents you don't have to notify your insurance company saving you your excess and providing you with a like for like courtesy car.


Car Body Repairs

Our service includes:

  • Car crash damage repairs

  • Large and small dents and creases

  • Scratches 

  • Resprays and colour matching

  • Bumper repairs

Miracle Repair System

The Miracle Repair System enables us to remove dents from your vehicle without replacing the panel. Other benefits include: 

  • Speeds up the repair process and turns the repair around more quickly.
  • No waiting time for panels.
  • Retains vehicles original body.
  • Reduces waste and environmently friendly.
  • Borderline write-offs become economical repairs.